We Invigorate Potential

Twenty39 creates an environment that nurtures entrepreneurial mindsets that are passionate about data and quality service, and that enjoy creating innovative solutions. We help organizations understand and wrangle their data for effective data usage, and provide insight into the unknowns, so they can make smarter decisions and reduce costs and risks.


A Young Company

We are a young company, yet founded on decades of experience. We hire diverse, skilled people who share our values, are motivated, take the initiative to make things better, and develop effective solutions for our clients’ problems. We also collaborate with companies that share our values and have complementary capabilities to bolster our solutions and services.


Why choose Twenty39?

The transition of the future of work is happening now. In 2020, the U.S. independent workforce consisted of 38.2 million people spanning all ages, skills, and income levels. This pursuit of independence will grow in the coming years and organizations are adjusting how they acquire talent beyond traditional recruiting practices. 

The transitioning workforce is decentralizing access to highly skilled independent professionals, and Twenty39’s unique talent ecosystem enables access to this growing talent base with the benefit of small business agility. Twenty39’s lean business structure brings practical innovation, highly skilled business and technology expertise, and data-informed solutions to government organizations and clients doing business in the U.S. state, federal, and defense markets.

Harness Data for Decision Making

Leverage strategy and analytics capabilities uniquely designed for your needs. We use platform agnostic solutions to allow for the widest use and dissemination.

Maximize Business & Technology Efficiency

We offer exceptional understanding of your business and technology system workflows to learn how they integrate to transform and modernize planning and execution.

Enhance & Accelerate Operations 

Increase efficiency and operations with highly skilled talent without a long-term commitment.  



“I had the privilege of working with Twenty39 when one of my clients needed guidance on entering a new market. She is brilliant and a wonderful collaborator. The consultant that worked with us, Tasha, is a talented researcher and communicator, translating complex topics in a way that does not belittle her audience’s intelligence. She has a solid technical foundation that allows her to develop solutions that meet the client’s objectives and sets them up for success. But what makes her a great consultant are those intangible gifts that feel so rare in today’s professional world – honesty, compassion, and a willingness to just get it done. She makes those who work with her better.”

— Joy Faunce, President of Faunce Associates